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Deakin Participants

Cameron Bishop Artist, writer and curator in Art and Performance researching the shifting nature of the term public, ideas around place-making, and the body’s appearance and experience as a political, private, and social entity.
Steven Cooke Cultural and historical geographer with interests in cultural heritage and museums, particularly the spatialities of ‘difficult histories’.
Kristin Demetrious Researcher in media and communication, sub-political movements and the ethics and power relations of public relations, with a strong engagement in grassroots activism and creative community building in regional settings. 
Rea Dennis Art and Performance researcher in embodied and performative cognitive experiences; documenting non-verbal practices in the arts; and inter-generational participatory arts.
Katya Johanson Research interests in the creative industries in cultural diplomacy, arts and culture audiences, and the political and policy decisions that influence creative production.
Louise Johnson Researcher in Australian regional restructuring and its human impacts and responses, post-colonial planning and building better suburbs.
Meghan Kelly Visual communication designer with research interests in cross-cultural visual communication design, Indigenous knowledge in commercial design practices, identity creation and representation.
Russell Kennedy Researcher in screen and design with a focus on UNESCO Creative Cities Network and International Indigenous Design Charter.
Karen Le Rossignol Creative nonfiction writer and digital storyworld developer researching digital story spaces, arts freelancing and disruptive connections with arts communities.
Lyn McCredden Practitioner and researcher in Australian poetry, fiction & film; issues of sacredness and literature, ideology and literature, & the discipline of Literary Studies, within Writing, Literature and Culture.
Tonya Meyrick Researcher in local and international communication design strategies, and contemporary typography, linked to not for profit sector branding and design. 
Emily Potter Researcher in Literature and climate change, literary/cultural approaches to the environment, and the politics of place, place-making and belonging.
Patrick West Creative writing practitioner and researcher in creative writing theory, practice as research (theory and practice), and place-based and built-environment studies.

Industry Linkage Partners

Jumpleads NFP, incorporating PopUp Art and Make a Change Australia

Collaborations (interdisciplinary)