Current Projects

List of Current Projects

  • Public Art Commission – ongoing arts projects and research consultations
  • Western Treatment Plant – City of Wyndham, Werribee Water: Treatment 3 current
  • Digi-Lufbra 2020-21
  • Digital Regional Arts Park 2019-20

Public Art Commission ongoing

Public Art Commission has two strands as a research initiative at Deakin University focused on the curation, scholarship, delivery and analysis of publicly funded and commissioned arts projects.


Public Art Commission offers production and reflection – contact Professor David Cross


Western Water Treatment 2 Flightlines 2017

Cultural Impacts Projects offers evaluation and reflection on impacts of arts initiatives on the public – contact Professor Katya Johanson

Craigieburn farmer, encroaching urbanisation and interactions with migrant Iranian family in Art About Us 2013-15.

Western Treatment Plant – Werribee Water, City of Wyndham Treatment 3 2020

Ongoing arts research around the development of the treatment plant…(more to come)


Working with Loughborough University’s Storytelling Academy to develop a digital storyworld for students and the community to explore their social and cultural linkages, particularly as part of disruption and change…due to go live in September 2020 with 3D interactive (using babylonjs – see concept mechanism) to explore Loughborough’s identity.

  • Model of dRAP part of discussions with Loughborough University’s Storytelling Academy Contacts: Deakin University – Dr Karen Le Rossignol, Loughborough University/Storytelling Academy Prof Michael Wilson, Dr Antonia Liguori

Digital Regional Arts Park/ArtsACTION – Central Victoria 2019-2020


ArtsACTION is a collaboration between JumpLeads NFP, Make a Change Australia and Deakin University. The industry partners developed an arts-based Professional Development program supported by the Australian Government Building Our Future fund, with four shire councils: City of Greater Bendigo, Hepburn Shire Council, Mount Alexander Shire Council, Macedon Ranges Shire Council. The digital Regional Arts Park (d-RAP) is an innovative digital community aiming to:

  • promote a range of artists (emerging and established), and their creative storytelling through their arts practice
  • integrate exhibition, promotion and sale of art work across student/emerging and mature artists and their audiences
  • encourage resilience and connection to community for potential arts workers and creative artists.



The Elements Gallery within d-RAP is a digital exhibition space for regional artists, featuring their audio curatorial statements and a website showcase of their work. 




The d-RAP site is inward-looking (supporting emerging artists in a community of practice) and outward-looking (developing networks and industry links and business skills). 

d-RAP provides options for:

  • digital residencies and other work-oriented opportunities for students/emerging artists
  • creative projects around issues of environment/sustainability
  • communications and social creative advocacy 

The d-RAP storyworld is an imaginative and immersive digital world reflecting creatively the physical, economic, emotional and social environment of an arts community of practice, with both regional and global reach.  

Exhibition ‘space’ Sensorium

A sensory immersion in FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH – to encourage creative responses to the issues, the themes, the perspectives.

This is under development during 2020 and 2021.


Outcomes of project

  • Further iterations of the ArtsACTION Professional Development model across Victoria – Golden Plains Shire Council, in consultation with Geelong, other regional councils. Contacts: ArtsACTION/JumpLeads/Make a Change at popup art: Sharon Seyd, Karen Corr