About CRRI

Built asset- Aeration tank at Western Treatment Plant May 2008, BA038_WTP

Our work is invariably interdisciplinary, involving collaborations with the digital, health, social and environmental sciences and both academic and non-academic partners, from local community organisations to large NGOs.


Research Rationale – Creative Liminal ‘City’ of Disruptive Research


Creative researchers working with resistant spaces (stigma, neglect, isolation/distance, non-identity) to explore disruptions in convention and routine of regionality leading to wellbeing/resilience discourse 

Making a creative liminal ‘city’ of highly skilled and flexible participants – dynamic thinkers, creators and implementers celebrating the overlooked and the suburbia or second cities communities

Cross grouping research opens up energy and ideas – “Making research happen when it’s not” – bringing together a unique group of scholars and creative artists interested in reinvigorating spaces left behind by deindustrialisation, including the digital, the effects of appropriation, the notion of boundaries; and creatively reading and rendering place through art, performance, poetry, writing, language and community.

Purpose – Place and Periphery as Interdisciplinary Practice

This research initiative, focused on regional place and identity, brings together an eclectic interdisciplinary group committed to questioning, challenging and disrupting embedded inertia and stasis. 

In critical thinking and practice the group locates itself with notions of ‘place’ be they regional, satellite or suburban. Urban spaces are undergoing great change outside of the metro area wherever they might be; and as cross disciplinary researchers we aim to cohere around the ideas of the critical ‘periphery’ and ‘place’ to challenge stereotypes and stigma while enriching, facilitating, and enlivening the communities we work with as well as our diverse research agendas. 

Drawing on current research projects in broadly defined local, trans-local and global regions as well as generating new research opportunities for academics, CRRI brings together researchers and practitioners from art and performance, communication, writing and literature, geography, museum studies and screen and design willing to experiment, take risks and make trouble. 

Strategic Collaborations

Connects to partners such as Geelong Gallery, Creative Geelong, Geelong a UNESCO City of Design, G21 Arts, Heritage and Culture Pillar, City of Greater Geelong, VACANT Geelong, Pako Festa, Geelong After Dark and local/regional industry partners

Connects to expertise in other research e.g. CMII, Flows and Catchments, Treatment, Indigeneity studies, Museum and Heritage studies

Explores links with the National Indigenous Knowledges, Education, Research and Innovation (NIKERI) Institute in forging new research and creative collaborations 

Presents opportunities for regional funding with local groups in health, community, and councils etc.